Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients purchase mailing lists from third-party compilers who gather information from sources that include public records, real property data, transactional data and more. DPC is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the lists provided by our clients or these data compilers. Note: Many compilers are typically members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and suppress their lists against DMA’s do not mail registry, so getting on a national do not mail list may prevent compilers from selling your contact information. Visit the Resources page to learn more.

Once you opt out through the DPC site, you may still receive mail from DPC clients if it was already processed prior to your submission. Rest assured that we do have you on a DNM list for any mail processed after your submission. Keep in mind that while you will no longer receive mail from DPC clients, you may receive similar looking mail pieces from other companies and marketing organizations that are not our clients. It is important to sign up with national organizations that help consumers manage their mail preferences. You will find some of these organizations on our Resources page.

You are immediately added to DPC clients’ Do Not Mail lists upon your opt out submission. However, mail can take 3-4 weeks from mail initiation to delivery, so any mail that was started prior to your opt out submission may be delivered to you. Rest assured that we have added you to our Do Not Mail list and we will not put you in the process in the future. Keep in mind, that many companies’ mailers look visually similar to our clients, so the mail you may still receive could be coming from other companies not associated with DPC. Our Resources page provides information on how to put your name on national DNM lists so compilers aren’t selling your name to marketing companies.

Opt-outs requests are based on both name and address. Every individual in a household would need to opt-out to ensure they do not receive mail.

Not necessarily. Since we match on both name and address, you could start receiving mail from our clients if you move. You will need to opt out with your new address. The safest thing to do to manage your mail from all vendors is to opt out with your new address with a National DNM list so data compilers do not sell your information. Data compilers update their list every month or so.

The Mail Id is a unique identifier and allows us to match you with your contact information, so our clients can add you to their Do Not Mail lists. Without the Mail ID, we match you by your name and address. We need both your name and your address, as it appeared on the mailer, to locate you and add you to the Do Not Mail list. Example: if we have your name as Joseph Smith and you enter Joe Smith, we may not get a match. But if we have your address along with Joe Smith, we have a much higher likelihood of matching you and adding you to a Do Not Mail list.

We only work with legitimate businesses offering legitimate products and services, however we do not sell or endorse the products offered in the mailers.